Good advice! Porblem 1. I've got too much work to do - I never get home before ten at night. Advice 1. You're doing too muc 宜蘭民宿h. You should learn to delegate.delegate [ ] 租辦公室委派(某人)做 Porblem 2. I'm in a new job, and tomorrow I have to 酒店兼職 negotiate with a customer form another company. Advice 2. You should find out everything yo 酒店兼職u can about the customer/company before you go.negotiate [ ] (v.) 談判,協商,洽談[(+with/for)] Porblem 3. I like m 信用貸款y job and the money is good, but it takes me almost two hours to get to work. Advice 3. You should move house or get a new job. Po 酒店經紀rblem 4. I got a promotion last month. My friends at the office now only speak to me about work. Advice 4. You shouldn't be surprised if people change when 酒店兼職a situation changes.promotion [ ] (n.) 提升,晉級 Porblem 5. I have to fire somebody because his work isn't good enough. Advice 5. You should do it as quickly as possible 建築設計 - but don't think it's going to be easy. as soon as possible 儘快,愈快愈好 Porblem 6. I went on holiday and when I returned someone was sitting at my desk. Advice 6. You should see the 會場佈置 Personnel Officer.Personnel [ ] (n.) 人事部門;人事課(或室等)Officer [] (n.) 公務員,官員;幹事,高級職員 .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 九份民宿  .


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