If you want to make big money, do not go to college. You go to college must because you are indeed enjoying challenging your brain cell and you like to live in a very simple life, you are very moral minded honest person, otherwise, you should just go to find a job to feed your self or save your college tuition to have a better chance to own your own business like BillGate, "Wang .U<3. Ching", "Chang.Rong.Far" have done. Therefore, you should know that the marriges of BillGAte, Wang.U 景觀設計<3.Ching, Chang.Rong.Far. though looked bad, yet because they did not eat public money and they have used their hard work to help many to have the job to feed selfs, they are much better than your stupid bad ugly evil TAiwanese evil minded college graduated 張兆順( 臺北市忠孝東路二段100號6F 886-[2]-23960763, 886-[2]-27084119. the information got more than 20years ago may be out of dated ) alike who not on 酒店兼職ly seeing your stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBen's evil deeds like nothing but also using his evil deeds as their sticks to crawl up. If you go to college in order to have name used as tools to eat corruption money like that stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese ChenSuiBen or 張兆順 showed, you are certain going to deadly ahead. Yes, ChenSuiBen is certainly having worse off than Saddam had showed if he has no guts to st 辦公室出租ep down by himself or has no luck like Saddam to be forced to leave. Therefore, I realized how come that woman in the movie "Love Story" deserved to die, because that's the best she could have had got, and that may explain how come her own dad rather watched her to work that hard to die, because she indeed had evil mind to fish big name's boy and her art background already took her woman natural strength away that showed she's too weak 帛琉 to work a regular job that many illegals may have had done a week, not mention she's too stupid bad ugly evil to tell her husband should make money first to feed her, then go to college later after he succeeded money from his rich dad. Therefore, any parent who wants to help self daughter to have a better lifetime, do discourage her to take any art in class. I am not sure what my younger daughter having in her class, I hope she not wasting money in any art. S 室內裝潢ee! Even those dancing class may have had agreed with my point, thereofore their commercial appearing under my words with the wish that those stupid bad guly evil parents who sending their daughter to danccing school should know that it's not the school's fault, it is their parents's stupid bad ugly evil to be blamed that the dancing may have had taken away their daughter's natural strength away. I guess they have no guts to say : Girls not be welcome therefore wish my words ca 售屋網n speak for them. I don't think photo is an art, I think photo more like skill or tech, because news paper, documents, files need those record to show the form. How stupid bad ugly evil that female dressed animal Pelosi is? she's too stupid bad ugly evil to know that the woman back to the supposed most powerful man must be US First Lady not her stupid bad ugly evil Pelosi. Therefore, Taiwanese, you should know that US already be dragon down by your stupid bad ugly evil TieDo alike ChenSuiBen evil doers 裝潢underground chained slavery terriorist agent too low to hold you stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese any more. How come stupid bad ugly evil Pelosi has anything to do with you stupid bad ugly evil TieDo underground chained slavery terriorist agent? Pelosi links to SanFrancisco where stupid bad ugly evil ChuChaoRen (also name Mark Chu 415-6959678 P.O.Box 26056 San Francisco CA 94126 the information got more than 20years ago) and his related members deeply rooted may tell you more. And of course the spy agents around the world may have h 好房網ad known those unspeakable far more. That may explain how come that stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animal Pelosi so eagerly snatch the US intelligent chair. And Pelosi so eagerly to MARK herself as Italian Catholic Mom may further tell you that stupid bad ugly evil ChuCahoRen's TieDo is indeed you stupid bad ugly evil Taiwanese enemy within's double. Challenge my words? go to check Chu ChaoRen's DNA links or relevant. Yu-Ling (516-6817003; 718-6318895; 886-[2]-27092000 ex 207; 886-3.3.331032; 886-[2]-23961853/4; 886-[2]-25719182/5; her husb 好房網and Su.Wu.Phone 886-[2]-25615157 [2]23935125-7 her Taiwan phone numbers in list may be out of dated because of information got more than 20 years ago)looked like ChenSuiBen, Yu Ling's name link to Yu Ling-Ya(Yu Chen Yue-Ying's daughter, Yu Done-Far's grand daughter), "Yu" last name sounding like Yu Bean's last name, Yu Bean link to Chen.Sui.Ben. and Yu Bean also linked to Catholic Italian head office may be the clue you can look on.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .
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